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- solving your non-routine, international legal issues -

Legal Issue Management B.V. (LIM BV)

  • offers independent legal support to companies and their boards, with focus on complex legal issues that can be managed as a stand-alone project, such as internal investigations and their follow up, complex litigation, or complex (settlement) negotiations;
  • operates much as in-house counsel does, formulating integrated solutions and the strategies to achieve them, implementing those once approved, and coordinating and aligning the work of external law firms involved;
  • is the missing link between you and your external counsel, coordinating closely with the board, the General Counsel/Head of Legal, local external counsel and others involved, providing organizational focus, acting as a single port of call for both the company and its external counsel, permitting your organization to focus on the business and saving management time and costs;
  • does so with an independent mindset, pragmatically, creatively and with drive and tenacity to help solve your legal issue.

LIMBV ordinarily works on the basis of hourly rates, but recognizes that some work could lend itself better to alternative fee arrangements, and where suited, is open to exploring such arrangements with you.

Meet Sandro Rigutto

LIM BV’s owner

Hi, I’m Sandro Rigutto. For the past 29 years, I have worked in various legal roles, predominantly in-house.

From 1990 to 2012, I held various roles at Shell, both in Legal Corporate and in Shell’s global upstream business. As (senior) counsel to Shell Exploration & Production, I supported Shell’s interest in the Russian Sakhalin II project with Japanese partners Mitsui and Mitsubishi (including a major corporate restructuring following Shell’s acquisition of Marathon’s interest in the project) as well as upstream projects in Austria, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan, the Philippines and Turkey. I further assisted in the negotiation of arrangements for, and the establishment of, a substantial incorporated technology joint venture with Haliburton. My last role at Shell included membership of the Excom of Shell’s holding company in the Netherlands, management of two legal departments in London and The Hague, and the handling of Nigeria-related litigation in the Netherlands against Shell’s stock market listed parent company and its Nigerian subsidiary.

Subsequently, from 2012 to 2017, I was Group General Counsel at, and Excom member of, stock exchange listed SBM Offshore N.V.. As legal advisor to the board, I was closely involved in SBM’s internal investigation into possible improper payments by agents of the Group, and in the subsequent, successful settlements with the Dutch public prosecutor’s office, the U.S. Department of Justice, and Petrobras and various authorities in Brazil. I was also closely involved in the resolution of the dispute concerning the Yme-platform offshore Norway, and in the subsequent insurance recovery.

Between June 2017 and November 2018, I acted as legal advisor to the board and liquidator of a global offshore logistics services provider in its disputes with its shareholder and chairman. I designed and led the implementation of a global litigation strategy (involving arbitration/litigation principally in the UK, Nigeria and Singapore, amongst other jurisdictions) in support of settlement or asset recovery. The disputes have been settled.

Key qualities:

  • trusted advisor to the board, with broad ranging international and international legal experience (e.g., U.K., U.S., Brazil, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore);
  • all round, pragmatic, strategic, creative, owns, drives and gets things done;
  • effective bridge between boards, external counsel and others involved, focusing overall strategy and strategy-implementation.


“I’ve met many lawyers in my career, and Sandro is one of a hand full I would recommend for the resolution of complex, international commercial situations. He is business minded, with a sharp and clear legal perspective, clever and tenacious, and has proven himself an excellent bridge between our board on the one hand, and external counsel, both global and local, as well as other parties involved on the other, setting overall strategy and driving strategy-coordination and implementation, often in very difficult circumstances. When things get tough, I would want him in my corner every time.”
Tom Ehret, Oil and Gas executive, Non-Executive Chairman of Telford Offshore Holdings Ltd, Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SBM Offshore N.V., member of the supervisory board of Huisman Equipment B.V.

“Sandro is the person I rely upon when the combined legal, financial and commercial aspects of a situation seem insoluble. One of his many distinguishing characteristics is his ability to combine a finessed and sensitive understanding of a problem with a robust and relentless pursuit of a solution. His ability to work across borders is also truly remarkable. I have witnessed him working in four different legal jurisdictions simultaneously when the situation in question required action in Asia, Africa and Europe in order to facilitate a successful resolution. I have worked with many if not most of the large international law firms throughout my career. Sandro is the person that is able bring difficult, complex cases to a successful resolution when others cannot. The energy and vigour he brings to representing his clients’ interests is incredible. When I find myself in a difficult situation and I only have one phone call to make, it will be to Sandro.”
Donald Featherstone, Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group.

“If your issues are complex, international in nature, involve many stakeholders with conflicting and entrenched interests and require imagination, drive, coordination among the many different parties involved and a strategic and objective assessment of the situation, Sandro is your lawyer. Sandro has a gift at seeing the different angles of complex legal issues. He is extremely practical in finding suitable solutions. He is tenacious under extremely difficult circumstances while keeping an objective and open mind. He is the partner you want to have on your side.”
Bruno Chabas, CEO, SBM Offshore N.V.

“Sandro combines a sharp legal mind with strong analytical skills and business acumen. Through his long in-house experience he is used to applying these qualities practically and pragmatically, defining and striving for solutions to complex issues and conflicts that are realistic, and creative when needed. Sandro has worked in international contexts throughout his professional career and is familiar with business settings around the globe. He operates autonomously and needs no steering.”
Sietze Hepkema, former managing partner of Allen & Overy Netherlands, former Chief Governance and Compliance Officer of SBM Offshore N.V. and member of the Supervisory Board of SBM Offshore N.V.

“Sandro is not only an eminent lawyer with an enquiring mind, he is creative, objective and independent, with excellent judgement, on legal issues and on their wider business and political connotations and implications. Sandro is very hands on and is a good team player, creating an atmosphere in which different law firms cooperate to achieve a single objective, in the best interest of their client.”
Jaap de Keijzer, former managing partner of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Amsterdam

“Sandro is an excellent lawyer and legal project manager ensuring that external law firms deliver quality in a cost efficient and timely manner. By acting like the hub at the centre of a wheel, Sandro ensures that cross-jurisdictional matters involving multiple law firms are managed consistently so that positions taken in one jurisdiction do not negatively impact positions which may be taken elsewhere. His overview of strategic considerations, and his ability to explain them to all relevant stakeholders and advisers, is just as valued as his willingness to roll up his sleeves and draft and review material alongside external counsel. Sandro's years of experience in-house give him the legal skills to stress-test advice given under the laws of both common and civil law legal systems, both in developed and emerging markets.”
John Whiteoak, partner at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP, London

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